Contact lenses. Novelty and cosmetic contact lenses. Cat eye contact lenses. Biofinity contact lenses

Contact lenses are very popular nowadays. Today they are worn not only to improve vision, but also for cosmetic reasons. Nevertheless, itís better to consult an ophthalmologistís office, before buying any kind of contact lenses. Cosmetic contact lenses have no corrective powers. There are two principal types of cosmetic lenses. The first type, opaque contact lenses, can entirely change the color of your eyes. The second one, enhancement cosmetic contact lenses, makes your own color of eyes brighter. Many experts say that cosmetic contact lenses can be dangerous for your vision.

Novelty contact lenses are one of the most highly-demanded lenses. They are usually worn for cosmetic reasons or just for fun. There is a huge variety of novelty contact lenses and can be worn only for a short period of time. Such novelty contact lenses give your eyes completely different appearance. There is a great choice for Halloween. Novelty contact lenses can be rock star contacts (a blue star in the middle), smiley novelty contacts (with a smile in the middle), etc. Anyway you need to care your novelty contact lenses properly not to bring harm to your eyes.

The one of the most general type of cosmetic contact lenses are cat eye contact lenses. Cat eye contact lenses may be red, yellow, blue, and so on. Cat eye contacts, as all cosmetic contact lenses, are non-prescriptive and they are rather affordable.

A lot of contact lenses dry out your eyes, which makes wearing contacts uncomfortable. Biofinity contact lenses are lenses, which created to be more breathable and thatís why more comfortable for wearers. They keep your eyes clear. You will certainly forget about itchiness and dryness. Biofinity contact lenses can be of several types. They are available online and in special stores.

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